Adjustable DC Power Source VAPS-18
Adjustable DC Power Source

Adjustable DC Power Source VAPS-18 adopts a high-performance ARM processor, high-performance switching power supply, advanced manufacturing technology to ensure the product is stable, reliable, full-functional and high test efficiency, which is professional equipment for the power industry.

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Constant voltage source, constant current source, switching test power supply

As 220V/110V DC power supply

The output can be precisely adjusted, and the voltage stabilization value and current stabilization value can be adjusted arbitrarily


power supply: AC220V±20%
Input frequency 47~63Hz
Output voltage: DC 0~270V
Output voltage accuracy: 1%
Current output:DC 0~10A
Current accuracy output: 1%
Millisecond meter measurement range: 1~99999999ms
Resolution: 1ms
Accuracy: ≤1ms
Millisecond meter continuous measurement times: 99
Dimensions: 360x340x290mm
Weight: 6kg

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