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Transformer Turns Ratio Meter VATTR
Transformer Turns Ratio Meter

Transformer Turns Ratio Meter TTR is designed to measure the voltage ratio and turns ratio of singe phase or three-phase distribution transformers or power transformers in a substation or manufacturing environment according to test standard IEC 60076 and IEEE C57.12.90.

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1)Measures turns ratio, voltage ratio, phase displacement

2)Variable test voltage:0~160V

3)Automatic winding connection identification and vector group detection

4)7” touch screen for easy operation

5)Simplistic user interface for quick test setup

6)Save the test results on-board

7)Download test results via USB interface

8)Print the test results via built-in printer

9)Adopt three-phase precision inverter power supply for more accurate measurement

10)Has high and low voltage reverse connection protection and transformer interturn short circuit protection

11)Supplied in a compact and rugged case for portability


Test Standard: IEC60076 and IEEE C57.12.90

Ratio Measurement

range: 0.9-10000

accuracy: ±0.1% @ 0.9-500 

±0.2% @ 501-2000  

±0.5% @ 2001-10000

Phase Angle Measurement

range: ±180°

accuracy: ±0.1°

resolution: 0.01°

Test Voltage:0~160V

Internal Data Storage: up to 1000 data sets

Built-in printer for printing test results directly 

Power Supply: customized(AC220V/230V/120V,50Hz/60Hz optional)

Dimension: 360x290x170mm(14.17x11.42x6.69 in)

Weight: 5.9kg(13.01 lb)

Environmental Conditions

storage temperature: -20~60

humidity: <90%

operating temperature: -10~50

Safety Qualifications and EMC

Safety: designed in accordance with IEC61010-1

EMC: light industrial IEC 61326

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