Tan Delta and Capacitance Tester VATDC3100
transformer Dissipation Factor and Capacitance analyzer

Tan Delta and Capacitance Tester VATDC3100 is fully automatic 12 kV insulation power factor/dissipation factor (tan∂) test set designed for evaluating the nature and quality of electrical insulation materials and high voltage systems such as transformers, bushings, circuit breakers, cables and windings of rotating machines etc..

In addition to performing insulation power factor tests, VATDC3100 is capable of testing capacitances of up to 60 nF at 12 kV.

As part of a routine maintenance program, capacitance and dissipation factor testing can aid in predicting potential failure of deteriorating insulation. By measuring dissipation factor of the specimen plus capacitance, undesirable conditions are found. They include conditions caused by moisture on or in the insulation, shorts or opens in windings or insulation, and conductive contaminants in insulating oil, gas or solid materials.

Tan Delta and Capacitance Tester VATDC3100 includes interference suppression circuits that assure accurate measurements even under severe interference or noise conditions.

Measurements of TDC3100 include voltage, current, power, tan delta, power factor, capacitance and CVT ratio. The test results can be automatically stored into instrument, and can also be downloaded directly to USB storage or printed out via built-in thermal printer.

Tan Delta and Capacitance Tester VATDC3100 is 22.8kg(50.27 lb), which makes it easy to transport to the testing locations. The touch screen on the panel of VATDC3100 makes the operation easier and faster. Automatic balancing of dissipation factor significantly reduces the required testing time and provides high resolution.

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  1. Test standard:IEC60247
  2. Selectable test mode: UST, GST, GSTg
  3. 12 kV insulation power factor/dissipation factor (tan∂) measurement
  4. Capacitance measurement up to 60 nF at 12 kV
  5. CVT ratio test available(suitable for CVT with accuracy class 1.0 or 3.0)
  6. Interference suppression circuits for testing under severe interference or noise conditions
  7. Touch screen for easy and quick operation
  8. Built-in thermal printer for printing out test results directly

Technical Data

Test Standard: IEC60247

Internal HV Output: 0.5~12kV

Output accuracy: ±(reading×1%)

Resolution: 100V

Maximum output current: 200mA

Capacity: 2000VA

Self-excitation Power Source: AC 0~50V/15A

Dissipation Factor(tgδ) Measurement

Measuring range: no limit

Accuracy: ±(reading×1%+0.040%)

Resolution: 0.001%

Capacitance (Cx) Measurement

Measuring range: 15pF < Cx < 300nF

                 Cx < 60nF @12kV

                 Cx < 150nF @5kV

Cx < 300nF @1kV

Cx <300nF for CVT test

Accuracy: ±(reading×1%+1.00pF)

Resolution: 0.001pF(4 valid digital)

CVT Ratio Test(suitable for CVT with accuracy class 1.0 or 3.0)

Measuring range: 10~10000

Accuracy: 1%


Single frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz

Variable frequency: 45Hz/55Hz, 47.5Hz/52.5Hz, 55Hz/65Hz, 57.5Hz/62.5Hz

Built-in thermal printer for test results printing

USB interface for test results download storage

Data storage: 200 test results can be stored into tester

Power Supply: customized(AC 220V/230V/120V/127V±10%, 1-phase), 50Hz/60Hz

Environmental Condition

Storage temperature: -20~60

Operating temperature: -10~50

Humidity: <90%


Dimension of host: 350x270mx270mm(13.78x10.62x10.63 in.)

Weight of host: 22.8kg(50.27 lb)

Safety Qualifications and EMC

Safety: designed in accordance with IEC61010-1

EMC: light industrial IEC 61326 


Tan Delta and Capacitance Tester TDC3100 is reliable test instrument for testing dissipation factor(tgδ), power factor(PF) and Capacitance(Cx) of transformer, circuit breaker, insulation bushing, rotating machines, cables, CVT etc..

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