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protection relay test system

Brief Instruction on Software Operating Method

The protection relay test system is designed by VA develop center in Wuhan Company. 

The relay protection test system is a set of test systems specially developed for the debugging and verification of power system relay protection devices. It is the main operating system of the six phase relay protection test set VAE-1200. At the same time, the system can be installed in PC systems such as notebook computers, desktop computers, etc., and control the relay protection tester through the RJ45 network cable.

We analyzed and studied the testing and verification standards and requirements of power industry relay protection in different countries and regions, and through a large number of on-site investigations, debugging and trials, we finally completed this version of the relay protection testing system. We have grouped the test modules according to usage scenarios and implementation objects. They are: current test, general test group, line protection test group, differential protection test group, automated device test, and synchronous function test.

relay test system
protection relay test system

currency testing Group

The currency testing group includes commonly used basic test modules, which are the basis for other special test modules. For example, in the AC test module, the amplitude, phase, and frequency of the output current and voltage can be precisely controlled. In some experiments that require continuous state switching, the state sequence test module can be used to design different electrical states, and the state can be switched manually or automatically, so as to simulate many kinds of transient faults, permanent faults for line protection test.

The General Test Group

The general test group includes the most frequently used test module in test engineering, including inverse time relay, high and low frequency protection relay, power direction relay and impedance relay verification module


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