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The commissioning service in substations includes everything from tests on protection relays, to the verification of other requirements, such as: alarms and warnings of supervisory systems, wiring, burden of CT’s, transformation ratio and polarity in VT’s / CT’s, among others .

The engineers who work in this area, generally have short deadlines for the execution of services, since the unavailability of equipment significantly affects the billing of concessionaires and companies. Thus, in order to meet the demands of commissioning efficiently and quickly, it is essential to search for tools capable of automating the testing procedures.

In this context, our line of universal testers was designed to meet all these demands for automation, with robust, reliable and compact equipment, controlled by a complete software platform that includes, in addition to several automatic software for relay tests, testing resources in the environment of the IEC-61850 standard.

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Maintenance procedures for electrical system equipment play a fundamental role in their continued operation. The complexity of the equipment, as well as the need to operate for long periods, can result in electrical, physical and mechanical wear, which must be periodically evaluated.

In this context, our line of universal testers and software tools have been designed to provide an environment where users can, in addition to defining automatic test routines, store previous test results. Such test history will assist in the identification of abnormal operating conditions of equipment and, consequently, in the recognition of the need for maintenance on them.

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